Avenue Road


Client:  Private

Contract:  SFA (Traditional)

Role:  Lead Designer, Architect, RIBA Work Stages A – L


Studio Spicer Architects was appointed, in 2015, to prepare a feasibility study for the development of a one-off house, in the middle of Stratford-upon-Avon.

The plot, an area of garden land to the side of the client’s existing property, was tested and analysed in order to design a dwelling that would be adaptable over time.  It needed to provide continued access over the two storeys, while also achieving the desired modern, contemporary aesthetic.

The house features a brick finish, accented with zinc cladding, defined by and in keeping with the predominantly red colour palette and materiality of the surrounding street scene.  This ensures that the house sits well in its plot and setting in Avenue Road, while remaining true to its time and essentially modern design.

Permission was granted in 2017, construction due to begin spring, completion, 2018.